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Independent Hotel owners and operators get the right advice and support at

Owning and running an Independent Hotel  is not as much fun as it used to  be - what with new Hotel Legislation, increases in licenses and the introduction of minimum wages, then there's Hotel Inspections, Health & Safety and let's not forget all the organisations looking for a fee to promote your Independent Hotel under their banner!

And lets be fair, the independent hotel, hospitality and accomodation business in the UK is having a tough time competing with the budget airlines taking our guests to wamer climes!

With on your team you will have an immediate commercial advantage over any other independant hotel owner or other accomodations competitor in your town.


Because with you will be able to draw on over 75 combined years of accommodation industry experience.

The road you will have to travel to earn your extra income will, with guidance from, be less bumpy, more focussed and targeted specifically at getting more from what you already have.


Because we have travelled the road before and your new Independant Hotel  will be using tried and tested formulas to maximise your potential for as far as you want to take your opportunity, this is after all a 'lifestyle business'!

You'll get help with:

  • Red Tape
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Precautions
  • The Six Bed Rule

And the huge amount of other things you might want to consider.

    • We have simple software designed for every Independant Hotel to help them plan and budget.
    • We even have a tool that helps more experienced operators pay less VAT, legally!
    • There is a Members discussion board to air your views on anything you think is important, to ask a question or even answer one if you have the knowledge to respond to another Member's query.

You can download Independant Hotel products all designed to save you money:

  • from reservation diary pages, to help you get organised when taking bookings,
  • to a full Business Plan template including a spreadsheet to take along to your lender when you decide to expand.
  • We've even got a Breakfast Menu
  • and a printable no smoking sign!

With free legal advice, our unique Press Release Generator, a formula for working out where you should advertise, if at all, and what new and nasty bit of legislation is on the way, you will stand head and shoulders above any other an Independent Hotels, ready and able to make money and enjoy a truly unique lifestyle.

Don't wait! Your competitors will be reading this page as well!

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