Bed and Breakfast For Sale & Advertised On The Web

Tom Cone

Bed and Breakfast For Sale?
Bed and Breakfast For Sale?
Bed and Breakfast businesses come up for sale all the time, and now more Business Brokers and Estate Agents are using the internet to advertise B&B or Guesthouse properties, which should make your search much easier!

However, adverts on the internet are usually not as in depth as those in magazines or other printed materials and typically are only the starting point of your investigations. And it can be time consuming just finding the starting point!

Here's a checklist of the 3 top vendors to help save you time searching for Bed & Breakfasts on sale on-line:

  • Daltons

Without doubt the market leader is Daltons, who have 24,000 businesses for sale on-line and in their very successful weekly magazine.

They have around 400 Bed & Breakfasts listings, or accomodation providing property businesses for sale at any one time

Sometimes I've found their on-line database doesn't report results and instead gives you an error message. Also, the fact you can't see pictureof properties on sale without joining is frustrating.

Below is a link that I've set-up to provide search results for B&Bs throught the UK:

Daltons Online B&B List

  • Businesses For Sale

Spun off from the magazine "Businesses and Premises For Sale", this service has been online since 1995 linking buyers and sellers of businesses of all types. Their Accomodation lisiting stands at around 300 properties.

Again, I have been able to use their database search to save a link direct to their B&B adverts:

Businesses For Sale B&B Ads

  • Hotels To Buy

This site lists over 770 hotels on sale and they work with 50 Estate Agencies to gather their lisitng information

You cannot access their list without joining - this is good because when you are selling your property it is an important consideration to ensure that it will not be seen by your neighbours and local community, thus affecting local gossip and trade.

The sign-up page has recently been improved.

Once you have joined you can search the database here:

B&B For Sale
B&B For Sale
These are the three largest UK databases at this time.

We will continue to search for useful resources and B&B listing services