Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouse & Hotel Owners are invited to take The Bed Tax Survey

Chris Parkin

Bed Tax?
Bed Tax?
The Lyons Inquiry into Local Government Finance and the Bed Tax is causing some industry concern at the moment.Have your say now, before it's too late! Participate in the debate by completing our on-line survey. will be making a submission to the Lyons Inquiry on behalf of its Members and to aid that process we've put a simple survey below.

Please take 5 seconds to add your answer to the survey; the more people that paticipate the louder we can shout!


Chris Parkin

I would be happy to pay a Tourism Tax from my business.
Yes, if it was spent only on tourism promotion.
No, not even if it was spent on tourism promotion

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  • were invited to a meeting with Sir Michael to express the views of the smaller accommodation sector in the industry. We would like to thank you for your input and assure you that we did pass nearly all the comments on to Sir Michael. All we can really do now is wait.

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