B&B Legislation Checklist

Whether you're just starting out with your first B&B or a seasoned Guesthouse Owner, you have to know your way around the Bed and Breakfast legislation !

As a B&B owner, you'll want to print, save and work through this handy checklist to review the regulations, red tape and legislation apply to your Bed And Breakfast business.


B&B Legislation Checklist
Use this checklist, to determine which pieces of legislation applies to your Bed And Breakfast
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The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

Applies to any sized service provider and ensures the disabled customer receives the same (or better) level of service that the able guest.
Fire Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO)

Applied to any sized B&B and requires that you carry out a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises (Replaces the Fire Certificate you may have previously held)
Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006

If you offer food to the general public you are required to register with your Local Authority. Which will most likely require you to produce a: and a:
National Minimum Wages

If you employ anybody if only for 1 hour a week you need to comply. School children working in the summer holidays are included
Working Time Regulations

If you employ anybody and ask him or her to work more that 48 hours a week or unusual shift patterns you need to comply.
Paternity & Maternity Leave

If you employ anybody you are obliged to allow time off for new parents.
Part Time Workers

If you employ full time and part time workers you will need to ensure that the part time workers are not disadvantaged compared to your full time employees.

Public Liability Insurance is very sensible and mandatory if you are Quality Assessed.
If you employ anybody you will need Employers Liability Insurance. (A recent break means that if only husband and wife work in the business no Employers Liability Insurance is required.)
Employees Right (Discrimination)

If you employ then staff you cannot discriminate against them.
Value Added Tax

Earn more than the current Value Added Tax threshold and you will have to charge (and reclaim) VAT.
Income Tax

If you earn money you naturally have to pay tax.
Style Of Operation

Will you be a Sole Trader, a Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership or a Partnership? Once you have decided you will need to advices the Inland Revenue:
Premises License

If you intend to have a Liquor License, your premises will need licensing
Personal License

You will also need to be licensed personally.
TV License

If you a TV (s) in your premises for guest use you need to have a license. One standard license cover up to 15 TVs
Waste Producer License

Your need to advise your Local Authority you are a commercial waste producer. You need to complete a form and of course pay for your refuse collection
Performing Rights Society PRS

If you play music, e.g. a radio, in your premises your will need a PRS License
Phonographic Performance Limited PPL

If play 'recorded music' e.g. Tapes, Cds, Records (Vinyl) or other means of playing back recordings including the Internet
DATA Protection

If you keep records on you PC you might be required to register for Data Protection. If you buy and sell lists of names and addresses for mail shots you will need to register
Trading Standards

If you make a statement in you brochure, menu or your tariff you need to make sure its true. 5 minutes from the beach means 5 minutes from the beach not for an Olympic sprinter though!
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