Probably the best semi-commercial washer on the market today.
Probably the best semi-commercial washer on the market today.

End wash day blues!

Chris Parkin

What do you do with dirty washing? It's a simple questions with more than one answer: do you send your sheets, pillow cases duvet covers etc to a laundry? Do them yourself, get someone else to do them or use disposable ones (yes it is possible!)

The response you make will most likely be dependent on the size of your business. If you have up to three rooms it may be that you do everything yourself if you are larger you may send them to a local laundry. Of course there will be exceptions and many people with more than three rooms will try and do everything themselves.

If you are one of those you will probably be aware that you need to replace your domestic washing machine and or dryer rather more often that you did when you simply had domestic washing, right?
If you have been in this situation you may have become painfully aware that the guarantee you have on your machines does not cover them for commercial or semi-commercial use.

So what about a semi-commercial machine that has a larger payload that domestic models and is guaranteed for your type of use? Yes it is possible and one suppler has recognised a hole on the market and is providing just such a machine.

One such supplier to the B&B market place is Appliance of Science of Leamington Spa but who can deliver nationwide so that takes care of one problem. They specialise in supplying larger semi-commecial models for the B&B and small hotel market.

The example above is a Whirlpool AWM 9.9 KG load capacity American washer and as you would expect it comes with a host of features including:

Thanks to the 92 lt. stainless steel drum, and 150° opening angle, it is
possible to wash up to almost 10 kg of linen each cycle.

An electronique central system ensures an easy programming with a 23 hour start delay; the remaining time indicator informs on the status of the programme.

Up to 15 programmes to satisfy every need with perfect results.

Sense, adapt and control for excellent outcome and optimization of resources. Guarantees outstanding results. It adapts the washing parameter according to the specific load saving up to 30% of energy, water and time.

Two safety systems one in the tray and one in the hose to guarantee maximum security.

The new CIM Motor (Controlled Induction Motor) belongs to the brushless family of motors. and provides energy saving, lower noise, higher reliability and a higher spinning efficiency.

There is a saving of about 40% in energy and time consumption when filling the washer with hot and cold water when compared to cold water only.

Of course no semi-professional washer works at its best without an accompanying dryer! Something that fits well with the AWM machine above is the Whirlpool Heavy Duty Vented dryer which requires a 30 Amp supply.

The choice of the astute B&B owner.
The choice of the astute B&B owner.
This dryer has an impressive specification including:

  • Impressive 9.9kg capacity
  • Front Loading for ease of use
  • Free-standing with no special fitting requirements
  • Quiet Mode   (with Quiet Mode selected)
  • Comprehensive 8 Cycles
  • Cool Down Feature for better finishing
    Overall Depth :  74.3 cm
    Overall Height :  109.22 cm
    Overall Width :  68.61 cm

Before you think about another domestic washer or dryer with all the problems you know you will have why not think about paying a little extra and purchasing something that is realiable, of proven quality and which is designed for the job? Talk to these people: We did!

Appliance of Science
Leamington Spa
CV31 3LT
Tel No. 01926 338623

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