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     Bed bank predicts further consolidation following OHG collapse
     Record number of guns seized at US airports
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     Criminal probe targets forex market
     Tesco boss feels 'relief' over exit
     Independent help for new pensioners
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    Real Time Booking: Is it for you?
    Chris Parkin
    I was out for four days recently examining four companies who are seeking to provide Yorkshire with a Destination Management System (DMS). I was asked with others to. . . . B&B Advice
    The Bed Tax
    Chris Parkin
    The Bed Tax Sir Michael Lyons has been given the task by Government through the Local Government Association of examining and making recommendations for the future financing of Local Government. As such the Lyons Inquiry, as it is known, is looking at every opportunity of raising funds to help pay for local democracy. One of the considerations being made is the imposition of a tax on sleeping accommodation, a Bed Tax. . . . B&B Advice