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Buying A Bed & Breakfast Business ?

Buying a Bed and Breakfast business should be the start of a new and enjoyable lifestyle for you and your family. However, unlike buying a home, or buying a business, getting a B&B combines both! We are here to help support our members through the process and assist along the way. Here are 6 tips which will help get you started
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Planning on Buying A Bed & Breakfast Business ?
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So, why is your B&B for sale?
Chris Parkin
So, why is your B&B for sale? Eight key questions you should be asking the current owners of the Bed and Breakfast business you are considering buying. A simple question to start but one which can reveal some surprising answers, is: "Why are you selling?" . . . B&B Advice
New Planning Guidance For Bed and Breakfast Owners
Chris Hayton
Are you proposing to improve your business by adding or altering a building? Will it require 'planning permission'? If so you need to be aware that the guidance on planning permissions for Tourism businesses will change . . . B&B Advice
Buying a B&B/Hotel/Guesthouse?
Chris Hayton
Buying a B&B/Hotel/Guesthouse? Does it have any staff? If it does you need be aware then of the New Business Transfer Rules . . . B&B Advice
B&B The Best a new series by the BBC
Tom Cone
B&B The Best a new series by the BBC B&B The Best is a new series appearing on BBC2 on Tuesday afternoons. Can this programme benfit prospective B&B owners by giving some key indicators as to the challenges and rewards of running a B&B or guesthouse? . . . B&B Advice