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    B&B articles, reports and insights

    The Hotel Inspector
    Chris Parkin
    Being quite blunt, television programmes that take aspects of any industry and examine them for the purpose of promoting a television show really don't feature on my radar. . . . B&B Advice
    Quality Inspection? Is it worth it? 6 things I learned after my inspection visit.
    Chris Parkin
    Quality Inspection? Is it worth it?
6 things I learned after my inspection visit. I own and operate a 4 Star Silver Award Winning Guesthouse in 12th century Helmsley in North Yorkshire. We are inspected by a Quality in Tourism Inspector on an annual basis and because . . . B&B Advice
    6 Bed Rule
    Chris Hayton
    6 Bed Rule I originally posted an advice article for B&B Owners on the six bed rule vanishing some months ago and the time is right I think for an update. . . . B&B Advice
    B&B Sustainable Energy 4 Solar Power 3 Passive Solar heat
    Chris Hayton
    This type of sustainable energy is concerned with building design to maximize the sun’s energy. It really con only be considered if ‘new build’ is part of your plan. . . . B&B Advice
    “Mine’s a G&T thank you” the B&B Owner said
    Chris Hayton
    For those Members who operate with a license to sell liquor, a change in the rules will mean that you will have to ensure that any of your ‘duty frees’ are kept well away from the stock you keep for your guests. . . . B&B Advice
    B&B Sustainable Energy 4 Solar Power 2 Photovoltaics
    Chris Hayton
    Photovoltaic systems use cells to convert solar radiation into electricity. The PV cell consists of one or two layers of a semi conducting material, usually silicon. When light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers, causing electricity to flow . . . B&B Advice
    B&B Sustainable Energy 4 Solar Power 1
    Chris Hayton
    Energy from the sun has been harnessed for thousands of years. This energy is utilised in three main ways: . . . B&B Advice
    When are shoulder months for B&B operators?
    Chris Parkin
    I was recently in a discussion at a Tourism Forum when someone new to the industry asked what ‘shoulder months’ were? It made me think that there is a lot of industry jargon around . . . B&B Advice
    B&B Sustaianble Energy 3 Hydro Power
    Chris Hayton
    Hydro Power is probably the most specialised of all methods of sustainable power generation especially when it comes to smaller domestic+ systems. Because the criteria required for its installation is very specific the information here is of a general nature. . . . B&B Advice
    Sustainable Energy 2 Wind Power
    Chris Hayton
    Wind power has been used in the UK for centuries to mill corn and pump water and it can now be used to generate electricity. As the windiest place in Europe the UK it represents a very viable renewable energy source. . . . B&B Advice
    B&B Sustainable Energy 1
    Chris Hayton
    In previous articles we have covered some issues relating to ‘energy’ mainly in the supply of various types and how to check that you are buying correctly. Is there a case for you to consider sustainable energy in your portfolio of energy usage? . . . B&B Advice