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    home | B&B Calculators

    B&B Owner Calculators

    Do you ever sit down with a calculator or a pencil and paper to try and establish percentages/mark ups/interest rates and other such stuff and wish you had listened more at school?

    You do? - Then bandbowner has some great news for you.

    A whole area of ready reckoners to enable you to simply enter your figures in all sorts of different calculators and at the click of your mouse have your answer magically appear.

    B&B Calculator For New Style Metric Gas Meter
    Chris Hayton
    B&B Calculator For New Style Metric Gas Meter
    If you have had a new gas meter installed in your B&B recently it may well measure your consumption in cubic metres. To check look on the front of the meter on the dial panel and if it reads M3 use this calculator to check you bill and or, compare other suppliers . . .
    B&B Advice
    B&B Calculator For Old Style Imperial Gas Meter
    Chris Hayton
    B&B Calculator For Old Style Imperial Gas Meter
    If your B&B gas meter is an older one it will measure your gas consumption in cubic feet. If this is the case (check by looking on your meter!) you should use this calculator to check your bill and to compare your rates with other suppliers. . . .
    B&B Advice
    B&B Electricity Bill Calculator
    B&B Electricity Bill Calculator
    Use this B&B calculator to work out and check your electricity invoice is accurate. Even if you have more than one tariff, it's not a problem as this ready reckoner asks how many tariffs you are charged and proceeds to offer you the correct number before going on to tell you if you are being charged correctly and what the charge from a new supplier might be. . . .
    B&B Advice
    Bed and Breakfast Break Even Calculator.
    Bed and Breakfast Break Even Calculator.
    The ultimate calculator! Complete the boxes and you can:
    See what sales you need to break even.
    What would happen if you decided to close for a month?
    What if you charged more for each room? What if you built an extension?
    What if you reclaimed a room for family use?
    And a whole lot more.
    Probably the most useful tool on site to date. . . .
    B&B Advice
    Bed and Breakfast Net Profit Calculator.
    Chris Hayton
    Bed and Breakfast Net Profit Calculator.
    This B&B calculator will reveal how much money you have earned from doing business over a period of time. It takes all the money you have received from your sales and any other revenue streams and subtracts all expenses, including operating expenses, financing costs, and taxes. Put simple B&B Net Profit is calculated as total revenue minus total expenses. . . .
    B&B Advice
    Bed and Breakfast Business VAT Calculator.
    Chris Hayton
    Bed and Breakfast Business VAT Calculator.
    VAT Ready Reckoner This calculator is designed to find out if the new Flat Rate VAT Scheme for accommodation businesses is a better option for your B&B business. It will show you if you can save money by swithching or if it will cost you more! Just grab a copy of your last VAT return . . .
    B&B Advice