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B&B Insurance
The world of insurance is one that frequently troubles smaller B&B providers B&B Advice

B & B Online Availability vs. Online Booking B & B Online Availability vs. Online Booking
Should Bed and Breakfast owners make their rooms available online, or go the extra step and let guests book online? Many people are now booking their holidays and business trips using the internet, and this number is set to rise dramatically with the explosion in broadband and the increasing number of tourism related websites available B&B Advice

B&B Legislation Checklist B&B Legislation Checklist
If you are a B&B owner, you'll want to print, save and work through this handy checklist to see what regulations, red tape and legislation apply to your Bed And Breakfast business. B&B Advice

B&B Metric Gas Bill Calculator
Use this B&B calculator to work out and check your gas invoice is accurate or use it to compare supplier quotes. It's a Metric gas calculator and so works in cubic metres. We also have an Imperial gas calculator for cubic feet! B&B Advice

B&B Electricity Bill Calculator.
Use this B&B calculator to work out and check your electricity invoice is accurate. Even if you have more than one tariff, it's not a problem as this ready reckoner asks how many tariffs you are charged and proceeds to offer you the correct number before going on to tell you if you are being charged correctly and what the charge from a new supplier might be. B&B Advice

Bed and Breakfast Net Profit Calculator.
Chris Hayton
This B&B calculator will reveal how much money you have earned from doing business over a period of time. It takes all the money you have received from your sales and any other revenue streams and subtracts all expenses, including operating expenses, financing costs, and taxes. Put simply, B&B Net Profit is calculated as total revenue minus total expenses. B&B Advice

Bed and Breakfast Business VAT Calculator
Chris Hayton
This B&B calculator is designed to help you check if the new Flat Rate VAT Scheme for accommodation businesses is a better option for your business. It could even save you money! B&B Advice