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  1. B&B Metric Gas Bill Calculator
    Use this B&B calculator to work out and check your gas invoice is accurate or use it to compare supplier quotes. It's a Metric gas calculator and so works in cubic metres. We also have an Imperial gas calculator for cubic feet! . . . B&B Advice

  2. B&B Legislation Checklist
    If you are a B&B owner, you'll want to print, save and work through this handy checklist to see what regulations, red tape and legislation apply to your Bed And Breakfast business. . . . B&B Advice

  3. Bed and Breakfast For Sale & Advertised On The Web
    Tom Cone
    Bed and Breakfast businesses come up for sale all the time, and now more Business Brokers and Estate Agents are using the internet to advertise B&B or Guesthouse properties, which should make your search much easier! Here's a checklist of vendors to help save you time searching . . . B&B Advice

  4. New Planning Guidance For Bed and Breakfast Owners
    Chris Hayton
    Are you proposing to improve your business by adding or altering a building? Will it require 'planning permission'? If so you need to be aware that the guidance on planning permissions for Tourism businesses will change . . . B&B Advice

  5. Fire Risk Assessment 1 Advice for B&B Owners
    Chris Hayton
    The new Fire Risk Assessment rules arrived on the statute books on October 1 2006, read on to find out about your liability. . . . B&B Advice

  6. B&B Free Legal Advice with
    Free Legal Advice from First Assist. When you need Legal Help call First Assist and get instant insight and advice - whatever your legal problem! . . . B&B Advice

  7. B&B Electricity Bill Calculator.
    Use this B&B calculator to work out and check your electricity invoice is accurate. Even if you have more than one tariff, it's not a problem as this ready reckoner asks how many tariffs you are charged and proceeds to offer you the correct number before going on to tell you if you are being charged correctly and what the charge from a new supplier might be. . . . B&B Advice

  8. How to send your B&B press release to 700 media contacts for FREE - Introducing "PressBox"
    Here is the quick and easy way to create and send your B&B press release to a network of 700 media contacts (and all the search engines) for free. A zero cost way to gain free publicity for your products, services, and web sites. . . . B&B Advice

  9. Joint Promotions
    Clive Taylor
    One way of reducing some of your marketing costs is to share them! To successfully offer a joint promotion certain rules have to be applied but if the two (minimum) parties can agree these it can be.. . . . B&B Advice

  10. How to save over £1300.00 on your B&B insurance!
    Chris Hayton
    When your B&B insurance comes up for renewal I suspect like me you usually bite the bullet and pay up wondering why the premium always appears much higher . . . B&B Advice

  11. B&B Instant Door-to-Door, Post Code Driving Directions using GoogleMaps
    Tom Cone
    Use this instant driving directions tool to help your guests quickly find their way to your doorstep! To speed up your own searches and to help your guests we have 'fine tuned' our free software patch. . . . B&B Advice

  12. Bed and Breakfast Net Profit Calculator.
    Chris Hayton
    This B&B calculator will reveal how much money you have earned from doing business over a period of time. It takes all the money you have received from your sales and any other revenue streams and subtracts all expenses, including operating expenses, financing costs, and taxes. Put simply, B&B Net Profit is calculated as total revenue minus total expenses. . . . B&B Advice

  13. B&B The Best a new series by the BBC
    Tom Cone
    B&B The Best is a new series appearing on BBC2 on Tuesday afternoons. Can this programme benfit prospective B&B owners by giving some key indicators as to the challenges and rewards of running a B&B or guesthouse? . . . B&B Advice

  14. How to use Google Maps to give your guests truly great directions to your Bed and Breakfast!
    This snippet of code added to your web-site will instantly give full door-to-door driving directions from anywhere in the UK to your B&B, Guesthouse or accomodation. Your guests simply type in their own starting point and Google Maps does the rest. . . . B&B Advice

  15. What is the 6 Bed Rule? Advice for B&B Owners
    Chris Hayton
    This article tries to clarify the 6 Bed Rule and how recent charge in legislation affect B&B owners operating under this rule. . . . B&B Advice

    Chris Parkin
    DON'T PAY YOUR VAT! On the your deposits if your guests cancel. . . . B&B Advice

  17. So, why is your B&B for sale?
    Chris Parkin
    Eight key questions you should be asking the current owners of the Bed and Breakfast business you are considering buying. A simple question to start but one which can reveal some surprising answers, is: "Why are you selling?" . . . B&B Advice

  18. B & B Online Availability vs. Online Booking
    Should Bed and Breakfast owners make their rooms available online, or go the extra step and let guests book online? Many people are now booking their holidays and business trips using the internet, and this number is set to rise dramatically with the explosion in broadband and the increasing number of tourism related websites available . . . B&B Advice

  19. Buying a B&B/Hotel/Guesthouse?
    Chris Hayton
    Buying a B&B/Hotel/Guesthouse? Does it have any staff? If it does you need be aware then of the New Business Transfer Rules . . . B&B Advice

  20. B&B Owners - What do you think about the proposed Bed Tax?
    Chris Parkin
    We recently canvassed Members and members of tourism associations around the country for their thoughts on the proposal by Sir Michael Lyons to introduce a Tourism Tax tax known as The Bed Tax to help fund local government investment into Tourism . . . B&B Advice

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B&B Marketing In a Recession
Chris Parkin
You will recall that I mentioned in Recession Marketing Rule #1 that you must not discount and I demonstrated why going in that direction lies the route to your business becoming unviable. Discounting is not sustainable. it may ultimately have a limited place in your marketing plan but not I suggest yet. . . . B&B Advice
How to save over £1300.00 on your B&B insurance!
Chris Hayton
When your B&B insurance comes up for renewal I suspect like me you usually bite the bullet and pay up wondering why the premium always appears much higher . . . B&B Advice